Why going to Toronto escorts service is banned in most French East Indies Company Nowadays

What is an escort?
An escort in Toronto is a term for a woman or a man paid by the hour, to usually engage in sex. But, not all escorts engage in the sexual act. Some of them only focus on companionship.
However, most companies lay down their rules and regulations upon hiring an employee. Some of them state clearly state about the prohibition about being an escort or a prostitute.
For escorts service in Toronto, having a steady job is a good thing and working after the day job gives them extra income, one of the reasons why they usually resort to an extra shift at night.
Here is a short list of what could be the reason why companies don’t allow then and may soon be terminated from work.
1. Reputation. One of the reasons why most companies prohibit them from engaging in such is merely because of the reputation, both for the employee and the company. Again, as I have said, many companies really take care of their reputation. This is majorly because most escort service usually post photos especially online that may be later on linked with the company.
2. Concentration to work. Working at night, aside from the day job, is very exhausting. Sleepless nights may occur and these may lead to the loss of concentration of an employee. In this case, the company will also suffer.
3. Avoidance of employee and client relationship. Engaging in an escort service at night may most likely happen to the clients of the employees and the company. This may also have an effect not only to the employee but a bigger impact on the company. Companies avoid this to further tarnish not only the reputation but also the kind of employees the company represent.
4. Risk of infections. We do not generalize all Toronto escort service, that they have disease. But, there are times that we cannot avoid that they may have been infected with a disease. There are other circumstances, which are unavoidable with this kind of job. This may cause harm to other employees who are not fully aware of the job at night.
Prohibition of employees to be part of an Toronto escort service at night or it being a side job will not only be beneficial to the company. This, too, will help the employees stay more focused on their day job and keeping the target for promotion, for a better and higher income opportunity. This could also keep employees away for harm such as sexual assault or other offenses that may lead to serious court cases.